New Challenges, New Opportunities - Do Good!

    New Challenges, New Opportunities

    In these unusual and unpredictable times, we are facing new challenges. It is the perfect time for us to find new ways to serve each other. The Epworth "Do All the Good You Can" Team is eager to coordinate our congregation’s skills and time with our needs, as we continue to build our beloved community. We have thought of two main areas in which we can support each other:

    • Errands: While some people must stay home, some members have more time on their hands, as they are off work or out of work, and are happy to run quick errands or a full grocery store trip. For example, Tai actually drove me in a huge circle yesterday (all the way to El Sobrante) for an hour to practice for his upcoming driving test. He still needs to log 13 more hours, so ask us to help!

    • Technology: As we shelter in place, communication is increasingly technology dependent (I just used Zoom for the first time!). Some might benefit from an iPad, while others may have extras that are no longer in use. Some of us are new to online communication and could use help figuring it out, while other members have valuable skills and could help people learn to navigate new technologies.

    Do Good

    We have an email account set up to communicate with each other about our needs in this challenging time: ( Please write us a note to let us know if you:

    • Can run quick errands, do full shopping trips, have spare technology, or have technology knowledge that you could share by phone.

    • Are looking to volunteer, or looking for a volunteer.

    • Are looking for work, or looking for someone to work.

    • Have ideas of how we can support the greater community, especially those in greatest need and those working to help them.

    • Any combination of the above!

    We will keep track of what you offer and contact you when there are matches.

    Supporting Each Other

    I know very well how hard it can be to ask for help, but also how amazing it is for relationships. When I finally reached out for help during my brain recovery, I found an overwhelming sense of peace as the community surrounded me with love and support. Please email if there is anything that could make this time more pleasant for you, if there is any way we can ease the burdens you face at this time.

    Email or call (510)524-2921 and leave a voicemail if you would like assistance of any kind. When you reach out, you are offering someone the joy of making a difference and building connections with you. You are giving a gift. We are here for you.

    Laura and the Do Good Team

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