Holy Conversations on Race, Racism, & Racial Justice

What is God saying to God's people?
September 19 - November 14, 2021

This fall, Epworth will embark on a seven-part series of holy conversations related to race and racial justice. As a community of faith, we believe that to embody the Beloved Community is to continually be working toward a more racially just world.


Wherever you are in your own journey, it is our intent that this process of holy conferencing will bring together every voice in our congregation to listen deeply with love and compassion, to reflect on our learnings and lived experiences, and to begin to articulate what we believe is God’s call for ourselves and our church. Read the full invitation here.

Holy Conferencing Schedule
Sundays from 11:45 AM - 1 PM in Fellowship Hall & via Zoom (hybrid format)

The Courage to have Difficult Conversations - September 19, 2021

Introduction to holy conferencing, modeling courageous conversations, and engaging with our whole selves.

Facilitators: Rev. Kristin Stoneking, Kim Hraca, Rev. Carletta Aston

Panelists: Judy Cayot & Randall Miller


I Know I've Been Changed - October 3, 2021

"A-ha!" moments through anti-racism book discussion groups.

Facilitators: Sally Nasman, Carol Baumbauer


Truth & Racial Reckoning - October 10, 2021

Epworth reflecting on its own history within the neighborhood and denomination in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

Facilitators: Greg Downs, Kim Hraca, Michael Martin, Navarre Oaks

Listening to the Voices of People of Color (Part 1) - October 17, 2021

Courageous conversations with persons of color honoring our heritage and sharing our lived experiences with the entire Epworth community.

Facilitators: Rev. Carletta Aston, Randall Miller. Panelists: Ma’An Barcelo, María Gallo, TBA


Listening to the Voices of People of Color (Part 2) - October 24, 2021

Courageous conversations going deeper than the binary of the black and white racial struggle including through the lens of bi-racial and multiracial identities. 

Facilitators: Mikko Jokela, Shan McSpadden. Panelists: Amelia Chua, Michael Martin, TBA

Youth Speak on Race and Racism - November 7, 2021

Centering the voices and lived experiences of young people.

Facilitators/panelists: TBA


What is God Saying to God's people?

November 14, 2021

Round table (and round screen) conversations to reflect on our lived experiences and what we’re learning/unlearning about racial justice, while listening to what God is saying to God’s people about racial equity and justice.

Facilitators: Rev. Kristin Stoneking & Kim Hraca

Additional Details...

Surrounded in Prayer

Stephen Ministers will be surrounding our congregation in prayer throughout this journey, and will be available to offer one-on-one support (both in person and over the phone) to anyone who would like to debrief or be in prayer together. 

Another opportunity to come together in prayer is every Monday evening from 7:30-8 PM on Zoom. More info here.

Labyrinth Walk & Guided Meditation

Following the Holy Conversation session, you are invited to walk the labyrinth inlaid in Fellowship Hall. This spiritual practice of meditative walking quiets the mind, opens the heart and grounds the body

Child Care

If you are interested in child care, please indicate that when you register and contact Susan Jardin 

Group Norms

Having difficult conversations takes courage to move past our fears and skepticisms to come to the table with open ears and open hearts. To ensure a safe space for all voices and to maintain the foundations of trust and risk-taking, the design team offers this resource. 

Feedback Form

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This can be done anonymously if you choose.

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