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Faith In Action Group
The Faith In Action Group at Epworth works

with Berkeley Organizing Congregations for

Action (BOCA) (see below) putting principles

of faithand justice into action.


Building the Beloved Community

Building the Beloved Community is a ministry

group whose goal is to deepen Epworth’s fellowship and intentionally explore community through issues of race, ethnicity and culture, learning who we are individually and as a church. BBC sponsors Dinners for Six and varied cultural events.


Reconciling Ministry Team
Epworth’s Reconciling Ministry Team works to mobilize people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to transform our Church and world into the full expression of Christ’s inclusive love. 


BOCA – Berkeley Organizing Congregations for Action
Epworth is a member of BOCA, a non-profit, faith based community organization comprised of 20 member congregations. BOCA is a multi-ethnic, cross-cultural, inter-religious, and inter-racial organization that deepens relationships and empowers people in the faith community to create positive change in the areas of education, immigration, health care, community safety, housing, and poverty. BOCA is a member of PICO National Network, a network of faith based organizations representing over a million families in 150 cities within 16 states, and of PICO CA, a unified effort of 17 organizations representing over 350 congregations and 400,000 families.

Working For Justice 

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