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We Sang with Grateful Hearts

by Nancie Hughes

Epworthians far and near gathered on September 15 to express their gratitude for Jerry Asheim’s 30 years of ministry and music at Epworth. Following the postlude, a capacity throng gathered in fellowship hall for a potluck extravaganza and program. Led off by the “Church Ladies” then joined by all of us in eight part canon, we sang praises to Jerry with special words set to the tune of the Tallis Canon Doxology. The Epworth Players, a previously unheralded performance group, brought the capsule drama, Jerry’s Nametag Dilemma, or what’s in a name(tag)?

Former pastors Jim and Odette Lockwood-Stewart, Ron Parker, and Linda Loessberg-Zahl, as well as Pastor Brian and Pastor Kristin offered heartfelt testimony to the privilege and pleasure of working with Jerry and appreciation for his deep compassion and commitment to justice, for his generosity and hospitality, for his service, for his unconditional love, his ministry in all that he does, his musical genius, and for the countless gifts and graces he brings to Epworth and the larger community.

Kudos to Paul and Sally Nasman for their superb renditions of a photo retrospective presentation and a beautiful memory book presented to Jerry near the close of the day’s celebration. Huge thanks also to Caroline Lee for her leadership in directing and producing the keepsake commemorative CD, Sounds of Epworth, that showcases the many facets of Epworth’s music program and the many musicians whose talents Jerry has encouraged and nurtured. Above all, thank you Pastor Jerry for this chance to honor you!

Get Your “Sounds of Epworth” CD!

Additional copies of the “Sounds of Epworth” are available in the church office for a suggested donation of $10-20. Proceeds beyond the cost of production will kick-start a fund for future music ministry at Epworth. For shipping arrangements, please contact Chris Baetge at


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