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The Last Supper - Telling the Rest of the Story

Holy Week is a time to mourn the continued suffering in the world. But we do so knowing the surprising twist of the story of Jesus. We are Easter people: suffering and death is overcome when we follow Jesus’ command to be the agents of change, in a world that so desperately needs a word of resurrection hope.

Part 1 - The Parade through the First Dinner

Part 2 - The Last Supper

Part 3 - The View from the Cross

This painting by James Tissot is titled “What the Savior Saw from the Cross.” For over six weeks we have been taking various perspectives in the story. But never this one. This perspective from the cross is Jesus’ view. He looks down and sees with the eyes of compassion. For all of us. The Good News is not just that life wins out over death in the resurrection, but also that from the cross, in the moment of sheer agony, Jesus’ passion was compassion for the suffering of humanity. God knew our pain.

Part 4 - The Garden


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