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Epworth God Squad - Summer 2021 Youth Activities Calendar

I’m excited to be with our youth group this summer as we come back together and explore spirituality, faith and social justice from a variety of angles!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or to help!

--Pastor Kristin

Sunday, June 13, 4-6:30pm

Community Concerts and Pizza with Pastor Kristin

Sit on the Epworth lawn for Community Concert

Move to the picnic tables by the youth rooms, eating and sharing about the spirituality of music (bring your own food)

Saturday, June 19, 9am-TBD

Work Day

Come at 9am and help prepare the church for our return to in-person worship! We'll have lunch then head to a Juneteenth observance after that, either in Albany or Oakland, TBD.

Tuesday, July 13

Monte Toyon One Day Camp, Carpools depart Epworth at 8am, return at 9pm

A day of camp fun and learning for youth and an adult of their choice. This camp is a mix of what you would expect from camp and a session that furthers anti-racism

Sunday, July 18, 4-6:30

Reclaiming the Youth Room!

Finally dig in to Zachary's Pizza for dinner and sharing about the spirituality of music (if current protocols allow eating)

Monday, July 19 - Friday, July 23, 9am-3pm

Middle School Peace Arts Camp - Backyard Camping

Tie-Dying, making lanyards and pennant flags, campfire songs and stories, S'mores. Register today.

Sunday, August 15, 3-7pm.

Hike and BBQ, hosted by the Naar Munro family. We will first hike up Claremont Canyon to see the view. Then have BBQ back at the house. Please bring a water bottle. RSVP for location.

Sunday, August 29, 4-6

Back to School Hopes and Fears

Share in a short service of sharing hopes and fears for the new school year

Share a meal as we close.

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