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Staffing Update: Orion Lacey Announces Transition Plans

When I originally came to Epworth in January 2020, I had no idea what the year would bring for me. I was filled with excitement of a new job, a new home, a new city. I was ready for a fresh start and ready to begin a new youth ministry journey. Unfortunately, all the dreams and plans I had for the year had to be put on hold. The months of zoom meetings and classes dragged on and yet we still persevered as a church family to stay connected as you always have during times of crisis and great stress. Youth Group continued on, though from a distance. Confirmation class proved tricky but rewarding, and every chance we had to meet masked up on the church lawn was a breath of relief.

None of us could have imagined what hardships would befall us all. I will admit I have not survived this past year without a few new scars on my heart as I assume we all have. Such overwhelming pain has been battled back everyday with each new hope and each kind word through the speakers of my computer, and though some days it almost doesn’t feel like enough, our hearts still beat strong together.

As the world begins to come back together and we carry on our journeys, it has become clear to me that it is time to branch off from Epworth UMC to continue my own path of higher education.

I have loved my time so dearly with all of you. The youth of this church are so special with open hearts and open minds. I have no doubts that they will remain inspirations to their peers and future generations. This congregation has continued to create a thriving environment to welcome in all families that I know will continue without my presence.

The members of this church have touched my heart in such meaningful ways. Everyday you all find new ways to connect with your community and serve anyone and everyone. The support that I have received since joining Epworth can never be properly repaid, but I hope to have shared a few of my own words of wisdom with you all.

I am excited to say the youth and I will have one more big event towards the end of this month as my last day will be May 30th. As we prepare to share our last words together, I wish to leave you with the advice my grandmother left me with before she passed on:

Sing with all your soul. Write for your future generations. Cook to feed the hungry. Learn everything you can and then relearn it in a different way. Dance your way through life and find all the best dance partners while you’re at it. Love with everything you got and never say it without meaning it.

Thank you Epworth for all you have been and will be.

I love you Epworth family,

Orion Lacey

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