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Social Justice Stations of the Cross - Good Friday, April 15, 2022

The stations of the cross originated in Jerusalem along the Via Dolorosa. It leads persons along the path that Jesus walked toward his crucifixion. And yet, I do not believe that Jesus came into this world to die. I believe he came into this world to show us how to live, to offer us an opportunity to live with love and justice in ways that would repair us and our broken world. We humans still struggle to accept what he was offering. We hang on to our brokenness and attachments, which results in Jesus’ crucifixion.

Of course, the meaning of the resurrection which came three days after the crucifixion is that the gift never dies, that the offer is always there. We have been promised that he will come again and I believe that he will not come again until we stop crucifying him.

So on Good Friday, the day on which we commemorate the crucifixion, we pause to consider all the ways that we are hanging on to our brokenness. Ways that we participate in suffering. And the ways that we perpetuate the crucifixion. As the body of Christ now on earth we are both crucifiers and crucified. As humanity suffers and our earth suffers, we the body of Christ suffer, too.

May this walk make us conscious of the brokenness that still exists in the world, the signs of hope that surround us, and our responsibility to finish the work of bringing the new heaven and new earth to fruition, this vision of reality which Christ inaugurated.

In-person Walk - Friday, April 15, 2022 at 10 AM

Gather on the steps of Epworth at the corner of Hopkins and Napa Street.

Please RSVP here for planning and contact tracing purposes.

Virtual/Self-Guided Walking Tour

A self-guided audio tour is available here:


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