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Pastor Kristin's Column - October 2019

I’d like to invite you into my day: this morning when I got to Epworth, I passed a woman leaving the building as I was arriving. I recognized her as one of the regulars at the morning 12 step group, fortified to face the day. Later, I chatted with a mom as we watched her toddler crawl up the stairs as they headed to playgroup. A member called and we talked about what had happened at the meeting of the East Bay Sanctuary Coalition that morning, the vigil at the ICE offices and the training that will allow us to accompany more immigrant families.

When I went downstairs for lunch, the group heading to serve at the Alameda County Food Bank was gathering in front of the church, greeting each other (and me!) with smiles and hugs. The meditation group was meditating in the chapel and another 12 step group gathered over lunch. The afternoon and evening brought a meeting of the Sanctuary Action Team, a session with one of our seminary interns to plan her learning/serving covenant and a retreat of the worship committee.

This is just one day but it is reflective of a broader reality: Epworth is the center of so many lives full of relationship, service, care and faith! As members and friends of Epworth, you know this to be true. We are celebrating this fact in our current series, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The blessings of this wonderful life we lead call us to embrace a courageous vision so that all can experience the wonderfulness of life. This week you should receive a packet with more about Epworth’s ministry and projected resources for 2020 to support our courageous vision. Please bring your courageous vision commitment card to worship on October 6 as we celebrate and respond with gratitude.

I look forward to 2020 as we pursue the opportunities for ministry that God has put before us. Thank you for your ever present faithfulness and deep generosity. Epworth is a wonderful life-giving place because of you.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Kristin


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