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Online Worship - Palm Sunday April 5, 2020

Palm/Passion Sunday

Join us at 10am for online worship. We’ll reflect on what would become Jesus' final entry into Jerusalem. Here is a Palm Sunday coloring page [PDF] you might enjoy and are invited to wave in worship as we begin and sing the opening hymn. If you'd like to follow along with the scripture and poetry readings, you can download this Worship Guide [PDF].


Matthew 21: 1-11

Matthew 26: 14-16

Matthew 26: 17-36

Matthew 27: 11-26 (selected verses)

Matthew 27: 27-54 (selected verses)

Watch on Facebook (No log in or account required to view):

Live Broadcast:


Rev. Kristin Stoneking

Rev. Brian Adkins

Rev. Jerry Asheim

Erin Adachi-Kriege

Michele Arreola-Burl

Cathryn Bruno

John Campi

Paloma Campi

Gabby Downs

Akesa Fakava

Susan Jardin

Judy Kriege

Orion Lacey

Caroline Lee

Charles Lynch

Michael Martin

Zachary McVey

Randall Miller

Epworth Choir


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