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Online Worship - May 10, 2020

10 a.m. Worship - Fifth Sunday of Easter; Mother's Day

Preacher: Rev. Kristin Stonkeing

Scripture: Matthew 16:13-20

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Order of Worship:

The Community Gathers

Prelude: "O Thou of God" comp. JS Bach - Rev. Jerry Asheim

A Word of Welcome - Rev. Brian Adkins

Invocation - Becky Wheat

Hymn: "Bring Many Names" The Faith We Sing #2047 - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Caroline Lee

To Hear the Word

Scripture Reading: Matthew 16:13-20 - Don Arreola-Burl

Children’s Time - Susan Jardin

Anthem: "Draw the Circle Wide" Worship & Song #3154 - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Michael Martin

Message: "Who do you say that I am?" - Rev. Kristin Stoneking

To Respond and Renew Commitment

Prayers of the People - Rev. Brian Adkins

Music: "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" arr. Moklebust

The Prayer Jesus Taught (The Lord's Prayer) - Kiana Jardin

Hymn: "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" UMH#133 - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Rev. Carletta Aston

Offering Our Tithes and Gifts - Akesa Fakava

Offertory Music: "Mary" - Judy Kriege, Erin Adachi-Kriege, Cathryn Bruno

To Disperse in Love and Compassion

Prayer of Dedication - Rev. Brian Adkins

Benediction - Rev. Kristin Stoneking

Postlude: "O Thou of God" comp. JS Bach - Rev. Jerry Asheim

Live Broadcast:

Special thanks to:

Preacher: Rev. Kristin Stonkeing

Contributors: Rev. Brian Adkins, Don Arreola-Burl, Akesa Fakava, Kiana Jardin, Susan Jardin, Orion Lacey, Caroline Lee, Becky Wheat

Special Music: Rev. Jerry Asheim, Rev. Carletta Aston, Caroline Lee, Michael Martin,

Judy Kriege, Cathryn Bruno, Erin Adachi-Kriege, Chicago Temple Handbell Ensemble

"Mary" Music & Artwork:

Video producer: Jacob Wilbur

Podcast producer: Ethan Lindsey

Livestream producer: Merrie Bunt


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