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New Challenges, New Opportunities - Stay in Love with God!

New Challenges, New Opportunities

The eight-member Epworth "Stay in love with God" team is contacting all the folks in the Epworth 2019 Community book (directory) to let them know we care for them and see if they have any needs.  Some of us have started calling, and the conversations have blessed us as much as the person receiving the call!  We are offering resources as follows: 

Resources –

  • 510-524-2901 x101 [for Pastoral care needs]

  • – [if would like to have someone to pray for them. They may email the request themselves or we can do it for them]

  • – [if they need practical help with errands and such. They may email the request themselves or we can for them – this is being managed by the “Do all the good you can” team, which Laura Jokela emailed the Sharing network about on March 21]

  • To receive ongoing information, sign up for This Week at Epworth here.

Connie, Susan and the Stay in Love with God team


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