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Longing for a better place - Epworth's vision for ministry in 2023

Beloved Epworth Community,

You may have heard that Starbucks strives to be a “third place.” The third place is described as a place between home and work that is safe, welcoming and convenient. It’s an idea that’s clearly worked for them, and not just because people love caffeine! It reflects a basic human desire for connection and community.

Your church is so much more than a place to get coffee! Epworth has long been not just a third place, but a better place. Yes, we are a place between work and home, and many describe Epworth as safe and welcoming. But our purpose is more than that. Our purpose is to connect ourselves and our neighbors to each other and to God.

Guided by God’s vision of a better place, Epworth seeks to make God’s love visible in the world. We start by filling up our own cups through nurture ministries such as worship, the care of Stephen Ministers, the friendship and growth we find in small groups, educational forums, retreats and prayer.

We reach out to a world searching for a better place when we share the community we’ve found at Epworth at places like Pride and the Solano Stroll. And we share God’s love through service in our community, accompaniment of refugees, Sierra Service Project and more.

With the effects of Covid still with us, the need for Epworth’s ministries is great. To respond, we hope to increase our total congregational financial commitments for next year by 10%. Will you help make sure all cups can be filled at Epworth, and sharing this good sustenance with others by making a commitment or increasing your previous commitment?

Please fill out the Commitment Card online by October 30. You can also download, print and return it to the church by clicking the button below. Let’s continue to support and enhance the ministries that happen through Epworth, this better place!

With gratitude for your faithfulness and commitment,

Pastor Kristin Stoneking

P.S. Thanks to Rev. Odette Lockwood-Stewart from whom our stewardship team took inspiration via her August 7, 2022 sermon, “A Better Country”, which you can find on Epworth’s Facebook page.

Stewardship 2023 Reply Card fillable
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