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LGBTQ+ Faith Journey Potluck - June 6, 2022

Calling all LGBTQ+ Epworth folks... the Reconciling Committee is hosting a potluck in which we break bread together and share with one another our faith journey stories.

This special evening is intended for us to get to know one another a bit more and share the sorrows and the joys of our LGBTQ+ faith stories.

You do NOT have to be an active member of the Reconciling Committee to come - please join us in queer community.

DATE: Monday, June 6

To make sure we are inclusive of everyone, we are making these changes:

NEW Time: 6:30-8:45 (eat dinner before you come)

NEW Place: At 6:30 meet on the porch of the church for a dessert potluck (bring whatever treat or fruit you would like to share) where we can get sugared up and meet and greet.

At 6:50 we will move inside and be masked at the front of the sanctuary.

We will have the comfy chairs from the library and elsewhere moved in. Feel free to bring candles and flowers to adorn the center of our chair circle.

At 8:30/8:45 we will end with a prayer.


What if I am queer but have not been part of the Reconciling Committee ever?

Please come! We know our congregation is waaaaaay queerer than the handful of us who have time/bandwidth/interest/energy for committee work. This night is NOT about committee work. This night is about being in Queer Epworth community and being kind to one another. Please consider coming if you are queer and are not part of the committee.

What mobility challenges are at Greg's house?

Greg's response: I’m at 585 Euclid Ave, three houses below Grizzly Peak Blvd, and on the uphill side. There are a great many steps up to the front door (on the left side of the house, but if you go up the driveway at 571 Euclid, there’s a gate and a path over to 585, then two steps down and six steps up (the latter with railings) to our house. Someone could meet and help you using that route. Then it’s level inside, with a bathroom on the same level. *It is easy for us to move this to the church so please don't hesitate to speak up if you'd prefer that.

Will you be required to wear masks when not eating?

Per Epworth protocols everyone must be fully vaccinated (including eligible boosters). We will do the closed eye survey to find out about masks. Do bring a mask in case you need one for when we are not eating. Per Epworth protocols we will do the closed eye survey. Do bring a mask in case you need one for when we are not eating.

I am not LGBTQ+ but my family member is and/or I am a strong ally, may I come?

We want to make sure the space is as safe as possible for our queer Epworth attendees to share their journeys with one another. If you have been an active straight ally as part of the Reconciling Committee, you are more than welcome to come. For others, note that this is not a learning space as to how to support LGBTQ folks in your life (we can provide that in the future), but if you feel like what you would share with the group would be healing and community-building even though you yourself are not queer but have queer people close to you, you are welcome to come.

Is there a formal format for this meeting?

You bet!

6 pm arriving

6:15 pm getting food

6:30 sitting down & prayer

6:35 agreeing on ground rules

6:40 begin sharing

8:15 wrap-up and prayer/blessing

What is a faith journey anyways? What do you want me to talk about?

The intent of the potluck is to learn more about what has brought you to Epworth and whatever you want to share about your journey through spirituality and/or christianity and/or churches as an LGBTQ+ person. How have our journeys been similar? How have they been different? This evening may help us foster more queer Epworth community with one another and support one another beyond committee work and/or saying hi in passing.

What if I have never formally joined the church and/or am not comfortable completely labeling myself Christian but I am part of the Epworth community?

Come! There are several folks on the formal committee who do lots of church work and do not label themselves as Christian. If you are part of the community and queer, we want you to come be in community with us!

I have questions about this event, who can I call?

Aimee Reeder [Redacted for privacy. Epworth members can find this in the Church Center app/directory, or please contact the church office to be connected.]


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