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Join the Community Concerts at Epworth Support Circle

Dear Epworth Community,

Last spring when the pandemic closed the doors to our beloved church space, Community Concerts at Epworth was forced to cancel the last of our scheduled performances. While many concert venues and presenters were trying to figure out how to continue to bring music to people, CCE quickly mobilized to create a new series in May and June, the Shelter in Place Video concerts where we streamed performances that musicians recorded from home on their personal devices. At a time when there was great isolation, uncertainty, loss, and social unrest, we were able to reach a wider audience via Facebook to fulfill our mission of creating and supporting communities through great music. People discovered us and tuned in from all over the world and widened our musical connections, thanks to the wonders of internet!

While the pandemic continues to keep us from gathering together, we are praying, planning and committing ourselves to present concerts and continue to offer this ministry to the wider community. In fact, as we all anxiously witness the unfolding of so many uncertainties, loss, change, and opportunities in the world, music will play an even more important role in bringing respite, joy, hope, understanding and connection. We will continue to support the many needs of the wider community by offering our audience opportunities to donate to the many worthy causes and organizations in our area. 

I am asking if there are any who would like to join the CCE support circle. We are looking for those who have an interest and passion in the vision and work of CCE who would like to participate in small and big ways to provide support. Since we will be presenting all concerts digitally as well as fundraising online, I'd especially appreciate anyone with interest or knowledge in online fundraising, audio/video recording and production and social media marketing. If you just like the concerts and/or believe in what we are doing, and want to help out by being a supportive presence, we would love your voice in our group as well! Please check out our reach out to me at if you are interested.

with love,

Caroline Lee

Grateful Epworth member and artistic director of Community Concerts at Epworth

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