Job Opening - Director of Youth Ministries

Job Description: Director of Youth Ministries

Category: 15-18 hours per week

Accountable to: Senior Pastor and Pastor/Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Reporting Relationship: Reports to the Senior Pastor and/or Associate Pastor


Epworth United Methodist Church is a progressive multi-cultural Reconciling Congregation that welcomes all people on their journey of faith regardless of age, physical condition, race, gender, sexual orientation, or class, and supports each other in our ministries to one another, the community, and the world.

Primary Function:

Supports objective of strengthening ministries with youth in the church and community through development and continuity of programs that are designed to meet the specific and diverse needs of this population, particularly in dimensions related to racial and ethnic identity and sexual orientation.

Helps youth discover who they are, explore their beliefs, and create ways for them to use their gifts, develop their potential, and serve in outreach to the community and the world. Encourage, communicate with, and provide program information to parents so that church and home are mutually reinforcing places for developing Christian discipleship in youth. Coordinates “Youth Ministry Framework.”

Develop program content and enlist volunteer assistance to administer specific programs and activities.

Specific job responsibilities include:

Youth education & faith development (9-12 hours/week)

  1. Coordinate Youth Ministry Framework, including coordinating the planning, development, and implementation of youth programming, for middle school and senior high school groups, including United Methodist confirmation classes (led by pastor and lay assistant), Our Whole Lives, (OWL), service projects (e.g. Sierra Service Project, UM camps) combining activities when appropriate but ensuring a separate identity for each group.

  2. Utilize church volunteers to assist in chaperoning and hosting events.

  3. Provide worship to develop, explore and deepen youth’s personal faith and find opportunities to integrate youth into the main worship service.

  4. Ensure a welcoming, trusting, and respectful environment that encourages youth to voice their concerns and questions about adolescence, challenges, God, and struggles, etc.

  5. Develop and work with Youth Council in accordance with church policies, Safe Sanctuary, procedures and standards.

Administrative duties (3-5 hours/week)

  1. Attend staff meetings with pastors and church program staff.

  2. Provide liaison between youth ministries, church council, and congregation.

  3. Schedule work hours to meet service objectives.

  4. Oversee budget of youth programs, coordinate scholarship requests, communicating with finance and pastor to implement grant requests.

  5. Submit timesheets in a timely manner.

Download the complete description, review criteria, and qualifications here.

JOB DESCRIPTION_2019_Director of Youth M
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Applications/inquiries should be directed via email (subject: Director of Youth Ministries position) to:

kristin . epworth @ gmail . com (remove spaces)

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