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I Know I've Been Changed - Epworth Stewardship Campaign 2022

Beloved Epworth Community,

"I know I’ve been changed." It's a phrase you've likely heard before. It's an experience you've no doubt had, especially because you are a part of Epworth.

At October's A+ Lunch Bunch, participants shared stories at an open mic. Each presentation moved me, and I felt privileged to hear these significant moments, funny anecdotes, and poetic insights. Epworth's Community Concert artistic director and founder Caroline Lee shared how the series began. A friend of Caroline's, struggling with a number of challenges, had attended a concert of a particularly difficult piece by Beethoven. The struggle in the music met her where she was, then released her into transcendence. After the concert she said, "This changed me."

Caroline was then inspired to start Epworth's Community Concert series as a vehicle for change through healing, transcendence, beauty and connection. Now in its seventh season, the series is an example of Epworth as a channel to be transformed by the Spirit. In turn, we are able to offer that Spirit of hope, love and inspiration to the world.

As we prepare for another year of life together, I know Epworth will continue to change people and lives. The feedback I am getting on our current Holy Conversations on Race, Racism and Racial Justice series is a testament to this. Issues that have not been spoken of publicly and directly in our community, such as housing wealth and reparations, are being addressed and have moved us to new levels of courageous and authentic engagement.

In the coming weeks, you'll hear from several Epworthians about how they know they've been changed by the hope, faith, and love present at Epworth. Whether through our youth program, worship, Stephen Ministry, the power of immigrant accompaniment, a prayer group, serving in the community, or a myriad of other ways, Epworth opens us to be changed and take part in God's ever-present abundance.

Will you help continue and strengthen this conduit of God’s grace and transformation with a commitment for 2022?

Thank you for your continued commitment to Epworth,

Pastor Kristin


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