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Godly Play at Home - The Good Shepherd

by Susan Jardin

What Godly Play Lesson is Above?

Well, the lesson is in a box. The box is gold. It sort of looks like a gift. Could this story be a parable? Parables are like gifts, given to us by God, and they are precious, like gold. Yes, this story is a parable, but which parable could it be?

Look at the picture below - it's a clue.

It's an animal - can you tell which one? It lives on a farm and eats grass and other plants. It's a sheep! Do you remember which parable talks about sheep? The Good Shepherd! Once, when Jesus' friends asked him who he was, he answered, I am the Good Shepherd, then he told them the story about the sheep, especially about the sheep that got lost. This week, when you go to the Epworth link here, you will see me sharing this parable with you. I love sharing it - it makes me think about how God cares for us all the time, and how we care for each other. Have you ever been lost? If so, where were you? Who found you? Didn't it feel good to be safe again? We can take care of each other, just like God takes care of us. That is good news!

Finding God in the Redwoods

Last week I was able to go away for a few days and I visited an area in Humboldt County called Avenue of the Redwoods. It is a road many miles long with redwoods everywhere. They can live hundreds of years and they grow really tall, so tall that they make human beings feel tiny! Have you ever seen these trees in person ?Maybe at Monte Toyon? I felt very peaceful inside when I was walking among them, kind of like I feel when I come to church. I wish I had one in my backyard!

Have a good week, I will keep you in my prayers, and see you for Children's Time and Godly Play!


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