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Godly Play at Home - Creation 2: The falling apart

by Susan Jardin

When God created the earth, God said it was good - the water, the sun and moon, the land, the people and the animals. They were all good.

Our Relationship With God

For as long as people have existed, they have though about who they were, and what their relationship was to God. Even though they couldn't create the world, like God, they could be co-creators of many things. What are some of the things you can think of that people have created? How about art, music, different types of buildings, bridges? What else? People, over time, have acquired a lot of knowledge. They have thought about how to heal the body, how to fly in the sky like a bird in an airplane.

They also thought about the differences between good and bad, right and wrong. With God's help, they developed spiritual/moral codes to live by, and laws to protect each other. God lets us make up our own minds, create our rules, decide things for ourselves. We are separate in that way, but we are still deeply connected to God through our faith.

This week's Godly Play lesson is called Second Creation: The Falling Apart.

This story helps us to think about how we are different from God and from each other, even if are all created in God's image.

Think about all the people living in different parts of the world, speaking different languages, having different customs and points of view. And now, think about all the things that we have in common. What are some of these things? Do many of us have families? Somebody we love? A pet, a grandparent? A teacher? I believe that we all have a need to be loved and cared for too.

Everywhere we go, God is with us, and has been from the very beginning. We'll share a Bible story about this soon! I wonder how you will be a co-creator in the world this week? What can you do to show your love?

You can be God's helpers in our world! Do you want to make your own scene on the back of this page?


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