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Godly Play at Home - Creation

by Susan Jardin

What is the biggest gift you've ever been given?

Was it bigger than a shoe box? Bigger than your refrigerator? So big that it's even hard to see? Well, one of the biggest gifts we've ever been given is the gift of the Earth. The water, the sky, the animals, the land - and us!

Thinking About God's Gifts

Think about the sky, the sun, the moon, all the water that covers our planet, the mountains and beaches and deserts, the trees and plants and flowers, birds and fish, wild and domestic animals. What is your favorite among these creations?

I like animals a lot, but it's hard to choose which one is my favorite. Do you have a favorite animal?

Remembering God's Gifts on Sundays

Did you know that we have a special day during the week when we can slow down, relax from our usual routines and think about our blessings and gifts? For Christians, that day is Sunday. Sometimes people go to church to worship, sing and be together. Sometimes people spend time in their backyards, or at the park, or somewhere where they feel good. It's up to you to decide where your special place is. You can remember the gifts of creation anywhere!

One of the ways that I thank God for the gifts of creation is by growing vegetables in my backyard. I enjoy planting seeds in the ground, watering them and watching them grow. I try to take good care of them because I want them to be happy and well nourished. Every year I learn something new about plants and soil that help

me be a better gardener the next year. Have you ever planted anything? Have you ever fed an animal, a dog or a cat or a chicken? That's kind of like gardening too, isn't, it?

God hopes that we will take care of creation, too.

That's why we think about our environment, our drinking water, our air. It takes all of us together to protect our gifts so that future generations can enjoy them.

What images will you use for your Creation Cards?

You can color them in and cut them out to make your own story of Creation, like the one here. I wonder what your Gift of a day of Rest (Sunday) will look like?


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