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Godly Play at Home - Create a Joy Jar


This week, instead of sharing a Bible story, we will spend some time doing a project together - creating a Joy Jar!

During the month of November, in preparation of Thanksgiving, it's a good time to think not only about what we are grateful for, but, especially now, when we are living in a unique and different way, all the things that bring us joy.

Youth director, Orion, and I have a project for all Epworth kids to do together - to make Joy Jars and to fill them with notes on which we record things in life that bring us joy. What is joy? It's the feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Sometimes we associate being happy with our birthdays, or opening presents on Christmas morning. But are there other times during the day, or week or month that we experience feelings of joy? How about when we are carving a pumpkin, or eating roasted pumpkin seeds, or seeing a hummingbird come up to the window, or watching yellow, orange and red leaves fall from the trees? How about eating a bowl of your favorite pasta, or listening to somebody reading you a special story?

These moments of joy are reminders that every day has the possibility of bringing us something new and amazing to experience - and that love, laughter and delight exist right alongside periods of challenge.

How to Make your Joy Jar

In this packet is a bag of colored tissue paper, some heart stickers and a label. Do you have an empty jar

or small box at home? Do you have a paint

brush and some white glue?

Here is what to do:

  1. Pour glue into a small cup.

  2. Dip brush in the glue and spread on the outside of the jar or box.

  3. Attach a piece of tissue paper

  4. Spread some more glue over the top of the paper.

  5. Continue gluing tissue paper onto your container.

  6. Let it dry overnight.

  7. Stick your label to your container.

  8. Cut up some paper into small pieces.

  9. Use a marker or pencil to write down something that makes you feel joy each day.

  10. Put the pieces of paper in your container.

  11. Continue writing a joy on a piece of paper daily during the month.

Open your container on Thanksgiving and share your joys with your family!


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