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Converging Paths: An invitation deepen your commitment to Epworth

An Invitation from Pastor Kristin

Beloved Epworth Community,

Have hikes and walks been a lifesaver for you as they have been for me? Whether we walk or roll, on Tilden’s trails or the hidden paths of the Berkeley hills, the way to the inspiration points and gathering places can have many different starting points. But at some point, the paths converge and we find ourselves with other travelers in sacred space.

When I think about Epworth, I’m struck by the many different stories and varied paths that have brought us together as one community. From roads through Central America to the Bay Area, or from across the country, or journeys from a place of exclusion to inclusion, our many paths are part of what makes Epworth so special. Where else can you have the honor of learning the depth and details of another’s path, and have the privilege of walking the path together? Our paths converge in joy and hope. It’s a blessing that I’m so deeply grateful for, a blessing that I hope many others could participate in.

We want to keep walking the path with each other and invite others into this way that leads to life. Will you make a financial commitment to the ministries of Epworth for 2021? If you have been pledging, are you in a position to increase your pledge? If you haven’t been pledging, would it be possible to begin?

I hope you will prayerfully consider your support of Epworth for the next year, and either mail or bring the enclosed commitment card to the steps of the sanctuary on All Saints Day, November 1st. Thank you for being a community of life.

I praise God that my path has converged with yours, and know that God beckons us all forward. Thank you for your companionship and for your gifts for the journey.

Rev. Kristin Stoneking                                    

Senior Pastor


Commitment Card:



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