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Christmas 04 - Poem by Charley Lerrigo

Christmas 04

Charles Lerrigo

Last night I had a dream.

Like all dreams, uncalled for,

and inevitable,

swimming from my mind’s rich and fierce dark

into the limited light of consciousness

and words

Last night I had a dream.

I dreamed that Christ was again coming.

Not in chariot of fire and retribution

(though my heart and mind long for

Justice in this shadowed time)

but a Christ coming in need

for milk,

for touch,

for love, safety.

Just like the first time,

Christ coming to breathe the same air

we all breathe

to cry the same tears

coming to show us

the depth of love we have

for that which is vulnerable

and alive.

Last night I had a dream

perhaps like Joseph

waking to know that this small Christ

is not my child

but is my family to love

where everywhere

new life cries for help

and everywhere

people rise up from their dark or pain,

risk making words

to assure this small new life

that all is well.

All is well.

I am here now.

For you.


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