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And the Story Goes On - Message from April 18, 2021

Third Sunday of Easter; Native American Ministries Sunday

Scripture: Luke 5:1-11

Preacher: Orion Lacey

Message: And the Story Goes On

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Special Sunday Offering: Your generous support provides scholarships to seminary students and strengthens UM congregations who will honor and celebrate Native American culture in their ministries.


Order of Service (Bulletin) - Native American Ministries Sunday, April 18, 2021


  • Prelude: "He Has Turned Mourning into Dancing" - Rev. Jerry Asheim

  • Welcome and Announcements - Merrie Bunt

  • Dare to Dance - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Cathryn Bruno

  • Invocation - Orion Lacey

  • Opening Hymn: "Many and Great, O God" UM Hymnal #148 - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Annette Cayot


  • Scripture Reading: Luke 5:1-11 - Merrie Bunt

  • Hallelujah Response: Heleluyan (Allelujah) - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Annette Cayot

  • Children's Message: "Dreamers" - Susan Jardin

  • Anthem - "Shine On Us" - Epworth Choir

  • Message: “And the Story Goes On" - Orion Lacey


  • Hymn of Response - "Spirit, I Have Heard You Calling" - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Cathryn Bruno

  • Call for Prayer - Michael Martin

  • Special Music: “Behold, What Manner of Love" - Connie Adachi, Pam Kerr, Judy Kriege

  • The Prayer Jesus Taught (Lord's Prayer) - Susan Willm

  • Sharing Our Resources and our Energy - Michael Martin

  • Special Music: "This is the moment (Come won’t you dance)" - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Albert Sammons Jr.


  • Prayer of Dedication - Michael Martin

  • Closing Hymn: “How Great Thou Art" UM Hymnal #77 - Rev. Jerry Asheim & Albert Sammons Jr.

  • Benediction - Orion Lacey

  • Postlude - Rev. Jerry Asheim


​Special Thanks To...

Preacher: Orion Lacey Video Contributors: Rev. Jerry Asheim, Connie Adachi, Merrie Bunt, Cathryn Bruno, Annette Cayot, Susan Jardin, Pam Kerr, Judy Kriege, Michael Martin, Albert Sammons Jr., Susan Willm.

Video producer: Tai Jokela

Podcast producer: Ethan Toven-Lindsey

Livestream producer: Merrie Bunt



Liturgy and Design © 2021, adapted by permission.

Prayer of Dedication © 2021 enfleshed

Hymns reprinted/streamed with permission under ONE LICENSE # A-733809, CCLI Copyright license # 20022935, & CCLI Streaming license # 20476749. All rights reserved.

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