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4-week Parent Support Group on Zoom

Dear Epworth Parents,

We are living in hard times, full of new challenges, experiences, hopes and fears. We are being called upon to multitask in ways we never imagined. Sometimes we feel we are on top of things, and other times we wonder how long we can go on this way.

At Epworth we have been thinking about you, and we care about you! During the month of November I am offering an-on-line opportunity (I know, one more on-line thing...) to gather together for an hour. We will pray, listen to each other, support each other and know that God is present with us.

For the Zoom invitation, please contact Susan Jardin

Dates & Times

Sunday, November 8 from 7-8 PM

Sunday, November 15 from 7-8 PM

Sunday, November 22 from 7-8 PM

Sunday, November 29 from 7-8 PM

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