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Our Whole Lives: Lifespan Sexuality Education

Epworth’s Youth Ministries are excited to announce that we will begin offering Our Whole Lives (OWL) for 7-9th graders in Fall 2019. The incarnation of God in Jesus reminds us that God became flesh and dwelt among us. This teaching can help us understand the unique role our church can have in helping young people make informed and life-giving decisions about sexual health and behavior. Using a holistic approach, the OWL curriculum provides accurate, developmentally appropriate information about a range of topics, including relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual health, and cultural influences on sexuality. Central to this work are values of self worth, sexual health, responsibility, and justice and inclusivity. We look forward to this being a resource for Epworth youth members and the wider community.

Learn more about OWL here:

Parents/guardians interested in learning more about Our Whole Lives are invited to an Introductory Information Session with Epworth Youth Director, Lacey Hunter, on Sunday, June 16 from 9 am in the Youth Room.

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