Converging Paths: The Way of the Saints

Happy October everyone! October is one of my favorite months—it feels like the heart of fall to me, and I love the change in the air.

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday. Though communion is offered every Wednesday evening through Zoom, we will also partake in holy communion this Sunday. Please have your bread or cracker, and some juice of the fruit of the vine ready for this special time. We are also beginning a new series this week entitled Converging Paths: the Way of the Saints. For the next five weeks, we’ll walk the path of five persons of faith who faced adversity and responded in faith. Though they hail from different continents, eras, and are of diverse genders, ages, races and ethnicities, all of their paths converged in God.

I’m excited to begin this series with the story of St. Francis of Assisi, the 12th-13th century priest who has become the patron saint of animals. His feast day is October 4, so around this time of year we often do a blessing of the animals at Epworth. This year, we will have a virtual blessing through a special video created by Sally Nasman. Thanks to Sally and all who shared photos of your beloved animal companions.

Each saint offered a unique gift to God and the community of faith. At the same time that we walk with these saints, we’ll be considering what gifts each of us has to offer to Epworth and to God. The nominations committee is working now to recruit leaders and members of Epworth’s committees and ministries. Are you being called to something? Do you have gifts that you want to put to good use? Please reach out to me or any member of the nominations team (Pat Anderson, Jeff and Cathryn Bruno, Glenn Eagleson, Rema Faiva, Greta Fillingim, and Judy Green) to nominate yourself or another person.

During this series we’ll also be hearing from Epworth members during worship about why they make a financial gift to the church. As we walk this path together, our paths will converge on All Saints’ Day, November 1, which is also Commitment Sunday, with an invitation to each person and family to bring a pledge card to the Epworth front porch between 11am and 2pm. When we are in the sanctuary, we do this during the first hymn. You will also be able to use an online pledge form if you prefer.

Thank you for being a blessing to me and to so many through your giftedness. See you Sunday in worship!

Pastor Kristin

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