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Beloved Epworth Community,

The season of Lent is upon us. This year’s Lenten theme is “Leap of Faith.” Ultimately, the path
of a Christian requires many leaps. Some leaps are small, when we might be worried about
serving in a new way or joining a new group. Some are larger, when we begin to think about
major changes that will allow us to more fully live our values. And some leaps of faith might
seem very wide, like the leap we take on Easter, believing in a resurrected Christ.

What if your path during this Lent, through new or renewed disciplines, practices, prayer, study,
service and relationships allowed you to arrive at Easter strengthened and prepared such that
the appearance of the risen Christ felt less like a leap of faith and more like something that lived
inside of you all along?

As we go through this season, we’ll explore in worship the kinds of emotions and experiences
the original followers of Jesus wrestled with. We’ll fellowship with each other after worship
with soup suppers (11:00-noon). We’ll study and grow with each other through small groups.
And we’ll experience Jesus’ passion as we move through Holy Week.

As Easter breaks through in full, let us celebrate, again, the joy of the resurrection, the body of
Christ alive in our midst, and the blessing it is to live as a disciple.

Please take a look at the enclosed brochure and consider how you will engage Lent. Is there
someone you know who needs to know the sense of self-examination, purpose and joy that this
season brings? Please share Epworth’s offerings for worship, fellowship and small groups with

Lenten blessings,

Pastor Kristin Stoneking



P.S. We’ll be supporting two ministries with our Lenten and Easter offering this year. The first is
the Berkeley Food Network and the second is the United Methodist Western Jurisdiction
Committee on Native American Ministries. Donations can be made on our website or in
worship. Thank you so much for your generosity.

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Worship In-Person & Online

Sundays at 10 AM in-person and on Facebook, YouTube and our website.

Lent 2023 squares Good Friday.png

Good Friday

Gather at Epworth UMC on the front porch at 10AM

A walk in our community, considering Jesus' last days on earth and the brokenness still present.

Lent 2023 squares Ash Wed. (1).png

Ash Wednesday

Sanctuary, 6 PM

Ash Wednesday Marks the beginning of our journey through Lent with a service of the traditional imposition of ashes.

Lent 2023 squares Easter Sunday (1).png

Easter Sunday - Sunrise Service

Gather at 6:30 AM at Cesar Chavez Park in the Berkeley Marina to celebrate the risen Lord in this sunrise service! Followed by light breakfast.

Lent 2023 squares Maundy Thurs.png

Maundy Thursday

The remembrance of Jesus' last supper with his disciples will take place in small groups. Liturgy provided.

Lent 2023 squares Easter Festival (2).png

Easter Festival Worship Service


Musical Prelude: 9:30AM

Worship: 10AM

Followed by refreshments and family Easter egg hunt.

List of Upcoming Events Calendar LENT2023 (2).png
List of Upcoming Events Calendar LENT2023 (1).png


This Here Flesh (1).png

Companion Book to Lenten Series

This Here Flesh: Spirituality, Liberation and the Stories That Make Us

This Lent, our companion book will be This Here Flesh: Spirituality, Liberation and the Stories That Make Us written by Cole Arthur Riley, the creator of Black Liturgies. Riley takes us through her own leaps of faith from childhood to young adulthood in stunning and moving prose and poetry that will reach into the depths of your soul.

Youth Overnight.png

Youth Group

Youth Overnight

Youth are welcome to join us at 5PM in the Youth Room on March 25 for a overnight event. We will talk, share food, and play games. During Youth group the following morning, youth will join with Godly Play children to color and decorate eggs. Please contact Laura Heid for more information:

Youth Egg Dyeing.png

Children & Youth

Egg Dyeing Party for Children and Youth

In Youth Room during the service/coffee hour: Come dye and decorate Easter eggs! Please contact Susan Jardin for more information:


Be Fed Spiritually & Physically

Soup Lunches

Come to the Fellowship Hall after worship and feel fed both physically and spiritually with a warm beverage, soup and bread. Ever Sunday in Lent!
Please contact Cathryn Bruno for more Information:

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